Our Approach to Becoming a Wine Enthusiast

We love wine. Old World and New World; traditional and ultra jazzy contemporary; the stuff you've heard of and especially those you haven't. It all starts with the grape. Then it gets really fun.

At our shop you will not find any pretentiousness or snobbery when it comes to wine. We think it should be inviting and casual. We think it should have a story, but you shouldn't need a history professor to get it. We think you should drink what you love and we will help you find it. From table wines at a great value to highly rated treasures for the more "discerning" palate (although I don't think you need to be an expert to be discerning) we have it--or we'll get it!

Our customers will NEVER feel embarrassed for what they don't know. We like to start from scratch. "Do you like reds or whites or sparkling...or do you even know?" From there, "How about fruity or dry, perhaps light body or more fully body...or do you know?" We might jump into some of the classic expressions of nose and palate to guide you down a path, "Earthy," "Jammy," "Big fruit," "Bone dry," "Floral," "Balanced," and a thousand other descriptors that help us nail your palate even if only for the night :). We want to learn with you and from you. That's how we will get better and become YOUR wine destination. Sean Keyser Curator, Vines and Tunes

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